What makes life meaningful essay

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Excellent article… but you don’t have to exercise in the athletic sense to experience some benefit. I have found tremendous satisfaction and energy by incorporating as much exercise as I can into my day to day life. Walk! On those nice days get off the bus a few stops early. Avoid using your car. Take the stairs. Suck in your gut when you stand up. Every time you pick something up lift it two or three times. Get up from your chair regularly at the office. Work standing up. Our modern lives no longer stress our physical ability to the degree that our bodies were designed for and our bodies have learned to be lazy and stressed out. Sure, go to the gym or run if you have time, but don’t overlook everyday opportunities to keep a kinetic component in your life

What makes life meaningful essay

what makes life meaningful essay


what makes life meaningful essaywhat makes life meaningful essaywhat makes life meaningful essaywhat makes life meaningful essay