Violence in families essay

Victims of CPD personnel can report domestic violence through a 24-hour complaint desk, and a supervisor is immediately notified of the problem. Free, professional counseling is available for any employee whose abusive behavior comes to the attention of the department, and allegations are thoroughly investigated and referred for prosecution when appropriate. The unit deals with approximately 250 cases of police family violence a year, on a department with approximately 13,5000 sworn personnel. For more information, contact Callie Baird at the Office of Professional Responsibility (312) 747-1591 or Sgt. Judith Martin at the Domestic Violence Program (312) 745-6340.

In 2013, DCF awarded funding to Domestic Violence Lead Agencies in four counties (Atlantic, Middlesex, Morris and Sussex) to establish a Batterer's Intervention Program.  The lead agency in each of these counties leads batterer intervention groups for perpetrators of domestic/family violence.  Additionally, each of the four domestic violence lead agencies assist with training/co-facilitating an Intervening with Batterers training for CP&P staff.  This training provides child welfare staff with enhanced skills and knowledge for working with batterers and engaging fathers who commit domestic violence.

Violence in families essay

violence in families essay


violence in families essayviolence in families essayviolence in families essayviolence in families essay