Une ouverture dans une dissertation

For starters, foals must be registered with the Jockey Club a year after its date of birth, and it must be DNA-tested to prove its parentage. An important restriction in this process is that the foal must be the product of natural pregnancy and birth – this means that horses born by artificial insemination or embryo transfer cannot be registered. Furthermore, a registered foal must be named by February of its second year, or else face a late fee. The owner must provide at least six name samples, which the Jockey Club will scrutinize and ultimately decide which to use.

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Haco is a composer, vocalist, electroacoustic performer, sound artist, and a founding member of After Dinner (1981-1991) and Hoahio. She has created numerous recordings both as a producer and engineer based in Kobe. In her live performances, she uses voice and self-programmed electronics as an organic method, accompanied by video images shot and edited with Mariko Tajiri. With a unique sensibility, Haco has developed her own genre of music based on the principles of post-punk, electroacoustics, the avant-garde, improvisation, post-rock, environmental sound, and technology.

Une ouverture dans une dissertation

une ouverture dans une dissertation


une ouverture dans une dissertationune ouverture dans une dissertationune ouverture dans une dissertationune ouverture dans une dissertation