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The National Revolutionary Army (NRA) formed by the KMT swept through southern and central China until it was checked in Shandong, where confrontations with the Japanese garrison escalated into armed conflict. The conflicts were collectively known as the Jinan incident of 1928, during which time the Japanese military violently killed several Chinese officials and fired artillery shells into Jinan. Between 2,000 and 11,000 Chinese and Japanese civilians were believed to have been killed during these conflicts. The Jinan incident severely deteriorated the relations between the Chinese Nationalist government and Japan. [43] [44]

If you want to try to defend the reputation of your profession, and improve the 5% ratings for believability which people have for corporate fake media, perhaps you could try acting like a journalist instead of a cheap propagandist. Instead of hysterically attacking those who fairly criticize your kind, why don’t you start reporting in good faith and honesty for a change, without political bias or concern for how your corporate masters will react? How about calling out others in the media who do lie and bring shame on all journalists?

Ubc thesis embargo

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