Thinking essays

Teaching Thinking & Feeling
Conversation Game to get ideas for artwork and learn to make friends   
Sources of Authentic Inspiration where artists get ideas
Ideas for Art Content and Topics
Teaching with Questions for thinking strategies and how to set up experiments

Lessons to Teach Thinking and Feeling
How to Plan Art Lessons that teach Thinking, Feeling, Creativity, including Practice, Art History, Aesthetics, and Art Criticism
24 Ways to Begin an Art Lesson without showing Examples
Posted: Nov. 2018
Sources of Ideas for Art Lessons
Idea generation as art curriculum
Lesson Idea Development
Art and Word
First Day of Art Class
Kids and Clay reprinted from Studio Potter

Thinking With Clay
Learning from the Clay

Personal Box using Clay
Surreal Animals using Clay
Sculpture: Gargoyles using Clay
Abstract Expression using Clay
Dominic's Egg using clay
    contributed by Lisa Blackburn
Glass Pendants grade 4 fusing glass
    contributed by Peter Dobbins 2011
Learning to Throw a free potter's wheel tutorial

Thinking essays

thinking essays


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