Thesis written by obama

Two leading German aviation experts, Marek Strassenburg Kleciak, a specialist in three-dimensional navigation systems at Bundeswehr University in Munich and at the Faunhofer Institute in Darmstadt, and Hans Dodel, a German expert on navigation systems and electronic warfare, an author of the book “Satellite Navigation”, published in the influential Warsaw paper Gazeta polska an article entitled “It was an act of terrorism” (To był zamach), in which they explain how the aircraft of Polish President Lech Kaczynski was destroyed.

If the ECCLESIASTICAL HIERARCHIES of the all the Eastern Orthodox Churches, the various Rites of the Catholic Church, the ‘High Churches’ of Protestantism as well as Protestantism’s ‘low churches’ are ALL working hand-in-hand TOGETHER in order TO PREVENT six billion people of our contemporary World from GAINING THE KNOWLEDGE OF how we all can have WORLD PEACE, then it should begin to dawn in your mind and heart that these ‘ecclesiatical leaders’ of ALL these ‘churches’ throughout our World AREN’T leading six billion human beings to any sort or any kind of WORLD PEACE at all!

Thesis written by obama

thesis written by obama


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