The usefulness of computers essay

I am trying to figure out if there is any difference in performance (or advantages) when we use nio FileChannel versus normal FileInputStream/FileOuputStream to read and write files to filesystem. I observed that on my machine both perform at the same level, also many times the FileChannel way is slower. Can I please know more details comparing these two methods. Here is the code I used, the file that I am testing with is around 350MB . Is it a good option to use NIO based classes for File I/O, if I am not looking at random access or other such advanced features?

One use of the indirect utility concept is the notion of the utility of money. The (indirect) utility function for money is a nonlinear function that is bounded and asymmetric about the origin. The utility function is concave in the positive region, reflecting the phenomenon of diminishing marginal utility . The boundedness reflects the fact that beyond a certain point money ceases being useful at all, as the size of any economy at any point in time is itself bounded. The asymmetry about the origin reflects the fact that gaining and losing money can have radically different implications both for individuals and businesses. The non-linearity of the utility function for money has profound implications in decision making processes: in situations where outcomes of choices influence utility through gains or losses of money, which are the norm in most business settings, the optimal choice for a given decision depends on the possible outcomes of all other decisions in the same time-period. [10]

In other words, the sabermetric draft wisdom of yesteryear had an expiration date, and even now, the rules continue to change. Recent drafts, which included such stars as Buster Posey (Florida State), Bryce Harper (Southern Nevada) and Chris Sale (Florida Gulf Coast), could end up turning the tables back in the collegians’ favor. (Then again, Mike Trout came straight out of high school , so maybe not.) That’s something to keep in mind when the Twins make their choice Monday. Should they pick Wright, or Greene? Or even University of Louisville’s first baseman/pitcher Brendan McKay ? The most recent results say it’s now a toss-up whether high school or college prospects are more likely to pay off. But only time will tell which type of player the next generation of draft studies — and the GMs who rely on them — will endorse.

The usefulness of computers essay

the usefulness of computers essay


the usefulness of computers essaythe usefulness of computers essaythe usefulness of computers essaythe usefulness of computers essay