Res economics essay competition

Sorry but author knows very little about economics. First rent is a tax by the idle wealthy on the workers, there's zero benefit to the rental scheme to society only the 1% who demand higher returns with no risk and no work like starting a real business that actually employs people. Secondly the banks have bid up assets beyond any real recognition, there's zero price discovery, prices based on phony money printed by banks loaned out to elitist, which in turn artificially drives up rent. Read up on the dark ages, that's where we're headed. If landlords were crushed with taxes, and the stock market taxed proportionately savings would be used to create real businesses with real profits and real wage growth and real property values and real rents etc. The key is  to get real eh?

  • To what extent is memory reliable? State either to a great extent or to a less extent and include supporting reasons why.
    • Because the findings of Loftus & Palmer's experiment are considered invalid, and the experiment lacked ecological validity in comparison tYuille & Cutshall's study, which was a QUASI (natural) experiment, it can be concluded that memory in eyewitness testimony is still reliable, to some extent. 
    • Thus, the unreliability of reconstructive memory (that can be influenced by incorrect/distortive schemas) and research by Loftus shows that memory is reliable to a small extent. However, due to the limitations and artificial nature of Loftus’ work, including that it lacks ecological validity (EV) and demand characteristics were present, which is overcome by Yuille & Cutshall’s real EWT study. This suggests that memory is reliable to a great extent. Overall, it can be considered that memory is reliable to some extent. 
  • Example 
    • CP5: With reference to relevant research studies, to what extent is one cognitive process reliable.  We examined this learning outcome in the context of reconstructive memory, firstly with schema theory, and then in the applied field of eyewitness memory and testimony. Write a 22mk response tCP5. Remember that you are developing an argument. If your argument is, “memory is unreliable” then you need to present studies that support this, present studies that refute this, and then explain why you discount the refuting evidence. present research by Loftus and colleagues supporting memory is unreliable; present research by Yuille for example that criticises the research for ecological validity. An example of a counter-claim to Yuille’s criticisms might be a statement about improvements in ecological validity since Yuille’s criticisms, but you would need evidence of this. 

Res economics essay competition

res economics essay competition


res economics essay competitionres economics essay competitionres economics essay competitionres economics essay competition