Reasons for lying essay

Part of the confusion involves the mishmash of mainstream magazines, newspapers, blogs, and literary journals that all publish short nonfiction. It’s great to have more venues now, but journalistic editors and literary editors assess nonfiction features differently. I’m always thinking of provocative titles and leads, about cluing in readers quickly to the focus of a feature. While I appreciate the emotional wallop of good flash fiction and memoir, the literary compression that’s so much a part of flash can undercut clarity of purpose and meaning in nonfiction.

No one wants to be harmed by a lie. We’ve no reason to suppose otherwise about the headhunter. Thus, we’ve every reason to believe she would object to being on the receiving end of her method. Yet, her objecting may not be a decisive refutation of her method. There may be yet other impersonal reasons, apart from her personal desire to get good intelligence to offer her clients and her personally recoiling at being the object rather than the author of a lie, that bear on her practice and that must be considered in a full accounting of it. What would a reasonable public say about her policy, given all the reasons for and against it?

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Reasons for lying essay

reasons for lying essay


reasons for lying essayreasons for lying essayreasons for lying essayreasons for lying essay