Protect the environment essay

We should adopt a three pronged-approach based on legislations, enforcement and already have appropriate legislations which, unfortunately, are ineffectively enforced at present. We should therefore review our enforcement strategies and policies to minimise the degradation of our natural environment.
The most effective way to protect our natural environment, however,  is through education. Environmental education should be high on the agenda in the school curriculum and should continue informally but forcefully through the media. It should prompt mauritians to change their attitude and their behaviour drastically.

To initiate this process one might leave in place the current government ownership of wildlife but create a process that would allow individuals or groups (those having a special interest in that species) to petition to acquire ownership of a suitable population of that species. As in the case of human adoption, the petitioners might have to demonstrate their ability to manage the species and be monitored until that was proven. Different petitioners might experiment with different approaches and, over time, one would expect a wide array of management practices. All this would open the market to Green experiments and innovation just as has long happened in conventional areas.

Protect the environment essay

protect the environment essay


protect the environment essayprotect the environment essayprotect the environment essayprotect the environment essay