Pilates research papers

Four trials compared Pilates to other exercises. For the outcome pain, we presented the results as a narrative synthesis due to the high level of heterogeneity . At short-term follow-up, based on low quality evidence, two trials demonstrated a significant effect in favour of Pilates and one trial did not find a significant difference. At intermediate-term follow-up, based on low quality evidence, one trial reported a significant effect in favour of Pilates, and one trial reported a non-significant difference for this comparison. For disability, there is moderate quality evidence that there is no significant difference between Pilates and other exercise either in the short term ( MD -, 95% CI - to ) or in the intermediate term ( MD -, 95% CI - to ) based on two studies for each comparison. Based on low quality evidence and one trial , there was no significant difference in function between Pilates and other exercises at short-term follow-up ( MD , 95% CI - to ), but there was a significant effect in favour of other exercises for intermediate-term function, with a small effect size ( MD -, 95% CI - to -). Global impression of recovery was not assessed in this comparison and none of the trials included quality of life outcomes. Two trials assessed adverse events in this review , one did not find any adverse events, and another reported minor events.

The Tibb Institute is currently conducting a pilot study in its clinics in patients with various chronic disorders who received individual herbal infusion treatment. Each herbal infusion was specially formulated to address a specific humoral imbalance. The benefits of treatment, and how they related to the patients' temperament and humoral/quantitative imbalance, were assessed. Certain biometric markers, such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels, were also determined in a few patients. The positive results obtained have encouraged a more extensive and rigorous study.


Pilates research papers

pilates research papers


pilates research paperspilates research paperspilates research paperspilates research papers