Partner interview essay

Earlier this summer when it was my turn to pick the Friday night Netflix movie in the Shepard household, I chose a French film called, Il a déjà tes yeux . For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, this 2016 film is about a black couple who adopts a white baby.  Although the film is a comedy (with some tear-jerking moments), I think it will lend itself to some great class discussions regarding family relationships, cultural identity, race and prejudice. In spite of some swearing and one scene showing marijuana use, I find it appropriate to use with my upper-level classes. (The only rating I could find was a PG-13 rating in Singapore.)  Since I don’t have access to Netflix at school, I ordered the DVD from and will show it on my all region DVD player. There are, of course, no English subtitles but I will use the French closed captions (and lots of discussion) to make the film comprehensible to my students.  

One of the questions I’ve heard you ask is, What can you ignore? And maybe the flip side of that is, At each stage, what first-order problems are you solving?
One of the metaphors that I use for start-ups is, you throw yourself off a cliff and assemble your airplane on the way down. If you don’t solve the right problem at the right time, that’s the end. Mortality puts priorities into sharp focus.
When you’re blitzscaling, a whole bunch of things are inevitably broken, and you can’t work on them all at once. You have to triage. You fix the things that will get investors to give you more cash. The lift that capital provides means you have a longer time in the air to get things right. You’re unlikely to get your plane to fly on your first capital lift or even your second. A general principle of management is that if you have team dynamics problems, you fix them right away. But in blitzscaling, you’re adding those challenges all the time. And you’re moving so fast that today’s problems aren’t going to be the same as tomorrow’s. The operation is always patched together and kind of ugly and held together with duct tape. So maybe you ignore the team’s dysfunction for a while.
For example, your engineers might be unhappy. You think, Should we build development tools to help them be more productive? Should we allocate a bunch of our engineers to make that happen? But you know that the size of the team will continue to change radically; any tools you create today are going to be obsolete. So you don’t try to solve that problem yet, even though you know that ignoring it will breed organizational unhappiness and that people will be frustrated. In nonblitzscaling circumstances those kinds of issues might be a top priority, but when you’re blitzscaling, sometimes you have to just let them burn. Remember, even if you do solve the problem, it will most likely stay solved only for a short time.

Write a response that addresses each step of this process. Make sure to identify specific self-concept elements, ideas and theories as necessary, and be specific in your examples.
This assignment must be typed (essay format), submitted in the journal forum ( no file attachments), at a minimum250 words, 12pt Times New Roman font, using APA format for citations, edited and proofread for grammar.
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Partner interview essay

partner interview essay


partner interview essaypartner interview essaypartner interview essaypartner interview essay