Outstanding thesis award dlsu

Book prizes are given to outstanding students nominated by their German instructors. The books are donated to the Department of German Studies by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany.  The recipients were: Chuting Deng, Inyoung Hong, Jixun Ding, David Faust, Michaela Novakova, Andrew (Drew) Kott, Yu Lou, Tyler Etzel, Alexandra Bergmann, Ryan Shawindass Ramano, Avichai Natanel Kapach, Sarah Elisabeth Gutz, Brian Youngho Shin, Maxwell Vega, Yu Lou, Sohyeon (Catherine) Hwang, Matthew Luebbers, Emily Crawford, Taylor Goodin, Sherri Couillard, Nathaniel Williams, Matthew Owen Crescimanno, Emma Stillings, Moteleolu Monifeolu Onabajo, Joshua Levi Ringquist, Xinyi Li, Boomer Olsen, Kevin Parvizi, Arundathi Sharma, Alyssa Trigg, Emma Craven-Matthews, Nicole Helen Schwardt, Devon Langbein, Joshua Taylor, Stefanie McNerney, Lauren Stechschulte, Kristen Claire Hegedus, Nicole Helen Schwardt, Leighton Fernando, Yeuzhou (Celena) Huo, Isadora Anderson, Patrick Molligo, and Xinyi (Lena) Li.

The name of the thesis supervisor and the institution should be indicated in a footnote. The finalists will be chosen by the Thesis Award Selection Committee based on the quality of the thesis research and the written presentation. Selection Committee members who have mentored or otherwise co-authored with any candidate will recuse themselves from selection of finalists or awardees as appropriate. The three finalists will present their work at a special Thesis Award Session of the April Meeting. After consideration of the oral presentation, the Selection Committee will choose the recipient of the award. The winner will be announced at the DAP business meeting. Nominees who are not selected as finalists may submit abstracts for regular oral or poster presentation at the meeting.

Dr. Allison M. Prasch is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Colorado State University. She holds a . in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota and teaches a variety of classes in rhetorical studies, including Rhetoric & Western Thought, Historical Speeches on American Issues, and Evaluating Contemporary Rhetoric. Dr. Prasch is a scholar of . presidential rhetoric, and her research program connects methods of close textual analysis and archival research with contemporary scholarship on space/place and public memory to interrogate the relationship between oratorical texts and their physical, spatial, and historical contexts. Dr. Prasch’s research has been published in the  Quarterly Journal of Speech ,  Rhetoric & Public Affairs , the  Southern Communication Journal ,  Women’s Studies in Communication , and  Voices of Democracy . Her current book project examines how Cold War . presidents linked their foreign policy objectives to particular geographical locations and, in so doing, extended the United States’ physical and metaphorical presence in the world during key moments in the Cold War struggle between democracy and communism.

Outstanding thesis award dlsu

outstanding thesis award dlsu


outstanding thesis award dlsuoutstanding thesis award dlsuoutstanding thesis award dlsuoutstanding thesis award dlsu