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The team decides to revise the steps: Step one – identify the systems constraints; Step two – decide how to exploit the systems constraints; Step three – subordinate everything else to step two decisions; Step four – evaluate the systems constraints; Step five- warning!!! If in the previous steps a constraint has been broken, go back to step one, but don’t allow inertia to cause a system constraint. It also has been discovered that they have been using the bottlenecks to produce fictitious orders in an effort to keep the bottlenecks busy. That will free up twenty percent capacity, which translates in to market share.

In short summary: Griffin was upset about his situation. He planned to fake an appearance by using a false nose, wig and other things. He got into a shop having theatrical costumes. The shop owner was very alert and he sensed that someone has entered in the house. He locked all the doors. Griffin realised that he must hurt him in order to get the stuff he wants. Kemp was disgusted at his behaviour but still kept him busy. Griffin further told him about his initial lodgings and plans, about the problem at Iping, of Mr Marvel and the three books.

Novel summary

novel summary


novel summarynovel summarynovel summarynovel summary