Master thesis leuven

​ All candidates - with the exception of students who received a Bachelor's degree from the faculty - who do not have English as their mother tongue (candidates who are not citizens of Australia, English-speaking Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and United States  of America, or who did not obtain a prior degree in one of these countries) have to submit a certificate proving that they speak English. The Faculty of Theology requires a minimum score of -79-80 pt.  on the Internet-based TOEFL, 550 pt. on  the paper version of the TOEFL, 213 on the computer version of the TOEFL or an IELTS score of - 7 pt. If the candidate can prove that he / she successfully attended at least one year of study in higher education (at least 54 ECTS credits) in English, the candidate can ask the Admissions Committee to be exempted from the obligation to present other formal proof of language proficiency . In this case, additional material may be asked that demonstrates the proficiency in English. Note that the applicant is only exempted from the obligation to submit a TOEFL / IELTS certificate after explicit approval from the Admissions Committee.

In 1995, the authority of Master’s Degree of Mechatronic Engineering was acquired, and in 2002 the Doctor’s Degree was authorized. The main research areas include Robotic technique/ Mechatronic system control and autoimmunization/ Hydraulic transmission and control /Sensor and Measurement-control Technology. About forty research projects of state-level and local government-level are being carried out now. Many research achievements, such as “Underwater Tool Operation Storehouse”, have been acquired. Having formed the teaching and researching team which has strong research competence,rich teaching experiences and rational age composition. Most of the teachers have been to  USA/European countries /Japan to study or undergo researching,possessing the good conditions teaching in English.... [-] Read More Master's in Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MMS) University of Girona Campus Full time 1 year September 2018 Spain Girona France Dijon United Kingdom Edinburgh + 4 more The Masters in Mechanics of Materials and Structures is aimed at students who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in the field of the mechanical behaviour of materials and structures. [+]

Master thesis leuven

master thesis leuven


master thesis leuvenmaster thesis leuvenmaster thesis leuvenmaster thesis leuven