Lifespan development research paper topics

Constructivism is a paradigm in psychology that characterizes learning as a process of actively constructing knowledge. Individuals create meaning for themselves or make sense of new information by selecting, organizing, and integrating information with other knowledge, often in the context of social interactions. Constructivism can occur in two ways: individual and social. Individual constructivism is when a person constructs knowledge through cognitive processes of their own experiences rather than by memorizing facts provided by others. Social constructivism is when individuals construct knowledge through an interaction between the knowledge they bring to a situation and social or cultural exchanges within that content. [13]

The first year of life bring remarkable changes in all areas. Your baby will go from a helpless newborn who relies on reflexes to an independence-seeking toddler. By 3 months old, your baby may have reached movement milestones such as raising her head while she’s lying on her stomach, opening and closing her hands and grasping toys, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ website. She can also use her hands and eyes in coordination and track moving objects. Social and emotional development is still immature at this time, but your baby is showing off her first social smiles.

According to theorists like Jarvis (1987a) different social situations may be significant at different ages. Different social conditions may well be a ‘constituent causal factor in different learning processes occurring… Thus… adult learning may be no different from child learning, given the same social situation’ (ibid: 11). The question then becomes whether there are some qualities and experiences that tend to be rather more the property of adults (providing we can define this term!) and children (and this implies a further question – what of young people?). The importance for us as educators is that events and situations cannot be prepared for in some simple way. As Yeaxlee said, they have to be experienced and reflected upon – and, thus, can provide a focus for educators.

Lifespan development research paper topics

lifespan development research paper topics


lifespan development research paper topicslifespan development research paper topicslifespan development research paper topicslifespan development research paper topics