House of the spirits essay topics

Esteban Trueba is the central male character of the novel, and along with his granddaughter Alba, is one of the story's main narrators. In his youth, he seeks the mermaid-like and green-haired Rosa the Beautiful, daughter of Severo and Nívea del Valle, and so he toils in the mines to earn a suitable fortune so that he can support her. However, while he is working in the mines she dies by accidental poisoning: a cruel stroke of fate that changes Esteban's life and hardens his heart. Although he eventually marries Clara (Rosa's sister and youngest daughter of the Del Vales) and raises a large family, Esteban's stubborn and violent ways alienate all those around him. Esteban has a tense relationship with his daughter Blanca but shows genuine love and devotion to his granddaughter Alba. Despite his often violent behavior, he is also devoted to his wife Clara, entering into a state of permanent mourning following her death. As a self-made man who earned all of his wealth from years of work spent improving Treo Marianas, Esteban scorns communists and believes them to be lazy and stupid. Later in life he turns to politics where he spends his money and effort trying to prevent the rising Socialist movement within the country; an ideology he condemns. However, after the military coup he loses much of his power and suddenly has to face the fact that he has become an old and weak man. Yet it is not the loss of power, so much as the injury done to his country, that agonizes the highly patriotic Esteban. His realization that he desires the love of his family and peace in his country leads to a pivotal change in his character. In his last days, he slowly loses the rage that has been driving him all his life. He begins to make amends with what's left of his family by helping Blanca and Pedro Tercero escape the country so they can live happily and when Alba is kidnapped by the military he asks his longtime friend Tránsito Soto (who had influence in the military) to help him, so he is ecstatic when Alba is rescued. Esteban dies happily, knowing that he has achieved Clara's posthumous forgiveness.

Bernadette’s House, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) charitable nonprofit organization that was founded in October 2012.  Our volunteer staff is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive home-like environment for preteen and teenage girls who live in and around the Laurel, Maryland area.  Careful consideration is made to match each girl in our program with a mentor who is dedicated to developing a nurturing relationship that encourages the mentee to venture on a journey of self-discovery and “dare to dream” of a life full of possibilities.  Our program is designed to foster the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills that will enable the girls to make life choices that will have a positive impact on their future.

10.  Psychics believe that President Abraham Lincoln has never left the White House. For more than 70 years, presidents, first ladies, guests and members of the White House staff have claimed to have either seen Lincoln or felt his presence.  Lincoln’s ghost was particularly prevalent during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, as the country struggled through a devastating depression followed by a world war.  The Netherlands’ Queen Wilhelmina was a guest at the White House during that period, and was awakened one night by a knock on her bedroom door.  Upon opening the door, she saw the figure of Lincoln, top hat and all, standing in the hallway.  The queen fainted, and upon recovering consciousness, she found herself lying on the floor.  The apparition had vanished.

House of the spirits essay topics

house of the spirits essay topics


house of the spirits essay topicshouse of the spirits essay topicshouse of the spirits essay topicshouse of the spirits essay topics