Honours dissertation law

About this Unit
This yearlong unit may be commenced in either Autumn or Spring semester and lasts the equivalent of two consecutive semesters (excluding Summer Semester). The unit comprises the research and writing of a research dissertation of between 8,000 and 10,000 words on an approved topic in law. The unit provides an opportunity for law students to further develop and refine their legal research and writing skills and to explore and analyse a legal topic chosen in consultation with the School of Law Honours Coordinator, in order to produce a high quality piece of academic work. It includes training in research methodology, and support activities including presenting at an honours research seminar and requires the student to undertake a literature review followed by submission of a research proposal, upon acceptance of which the dissertation is written under supervision.

The study materials are designed to guide you through the syllabus for each module and direct your reading of the prescribed textbooks, study packs and Online Library resources. Although all study materials are specially produced for self-directed learning, many students choose to pay for additional educational support through an independent teaching institution either full-time or part-time, and benefit from the more formalised support this provides. CertHE Common Law students must have registered through, and be studying at, a teaching institution that has been specifically recognised for this purpose by the University of London.

Honours dissertation law

honours dissertation law


honours dissertation lawhonours dissertation lawhonours dissertation lawhonours dissertation law