Heriot watt thesis format

Although this was the case for some earthquakes with magnitudes of around six the majority of the seven and above magnitude earthquakes were recorded at distance far from the hypocenter of the earthquake. For this reason and the fact that from the same table the PGA values decrease with increasing hypocentral distance, what can be said from this is that the negative correlation between magnitude and structural response since the intensity of the earthquake which PGA is a measure of decreases with increasing distance from the source of the earthquake. The correlation is negative as the numbers of acceleragrams with such magnitudes dominate the number of accelerograms that were used for the analysis.

We will survey and summarise the typical methodologies used in computing research, including both theoretical and experimental methodologies. Our emphasis will be on best practice, ensuring the validity and highest quality of the results of your research. We will emphasise the importance of formulating precise and evaluable hypotheses or claims, making it clear to your readers what claims you are and are not making, then providing an evaluation that supports (or perhaps refutes) your claims. We will warn you about some of the most common pitfalls in computing research, so you avoid or recover from them.

Heriot watt thesis format

heriot watt thesis format


heriot watt thesis formatheriot watt thesis format