Google scholar research papers

Personally, I love Google Scholar as an easy way to keep general track of my publications citations and to get a quick up-to-date intro to a researcher if they have a profile. Not surprisingly, Google does a great job with making it extremely easy to start and manage a profile, find quick links to pdfs, and find publications of possible interest, all with minimal management from the researcher and on a couple simple uncluttered pages. Though you can’t re-order your publications like on other sites (., to highlight specific papers), I find the default sorting to be very useful for seeing what a researcher is “known” for. And I’m impressed by how well it stays up to date. I’ve even gotten notification from Google Scholar about my own paper coming out online before the publisher’s notification!

Kids can learn about finding citation-friendly resources and practice reading and research skills. Frequently cited publications are listed by language and topic -- including business, chemical, material, health and medical sciences, literature and the arts, physics and math, and social sciences. Students will find useful information in a concise format and can track who cites items that they've written, helping them to recognize and produce stronger content. Google Scholar is a smart way for teens to locate credible material for paper and report writing, general research, and other school projects.

Google scholar research papers

google scholar research papers


google scholar research papersgoogle scholar research papersgoogle scholar research papersgoogle scholar research papers