Examples of convincing essays

Giving rationalists more tools to convince discussion partners is good, and in particular, I’ve found that being able to frame your thinking in terms that the theist will already accept is effective. (Salespeople will tell you that’s no surprise.) But there are two caveats. First, I think we (atheists) often focus too much on debates, as opposed to setting an example through long-term social contacts with theists and living a good life in front of them. I’m often hesitant to place great value on debates in terms of convincing the discussion partner or the audience. My favorite stat: when Hitch and D’Souza met in Colorado, they interviewed audience members before and after, and even Darth Hitchens himself scored only a 3% conversion.

Buildings popped up using Egyptian themes and design motifs, and one such building is standing just off of Interstate 95. Considered to be one of the best examples of the style in the ., it was built in 1845 by Thomas Stewart (a proponent of the Egyptian style throughout his career). The temple-like structure was built to house a medical college, which originally had not only lecture halls, but surgical beds and a dissection laboratory. Originally the Egyptian design was just the exterior of the building, but a full renovation in 1939 removed the ivy that had grown up the outside, and pulled the Egyptian style inside, adding mosaic tiling, bas reliefs, and ornate doors and windows. The outside design of the building remains entirely intact, including its battered walls (meaning they are thicker at the bottom than the top giving the building bulk and the appearance of extended height), columns of reeds and palm fronds, and cast iron fencing that incorporates stylized mummy cases.

Examples of convincing essays

examples of convincing essays


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