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Exactly. IQ tests are basically tools to measure individual work, abstract thinking and using logic on hypotheticals. Even simpler: they are based on abstract pattern finding which is practically the way an N brain is wired which is why especially INTPs tend to score higher on IQ tests. It doesn't mean us INTPs - or Ns in general - are smarter, it just points to a basic IQ test bias. IQ tests measure your I N T P levels more than anything else (. intelligence (how do you even measure that?)). Additionaly, knowing the basic test rules, it's probably an easy thing to significantly boost your score by training in basic pattern recognition skills and mathematical principles. I'm not trying to diss IQ tests - they're useful enough - but just because some types score higher (or lower) than others doesn't make them unicorns.
As for leadership "types" - the most obvious and common natural leaders are ISTJ and other sensors, such as ISTP. One of the factors could be that these types - especially the former - are more widespread than others. Skipping over many other nuances and factors, there really isn't much basis for claiming that Ns make better leaders - maybe more visionary ones - but most times practicality, common sense and responsibility are the most desired leadership traits (not limited to but definitely part of a typical SJ mentality).
The article didn't strike me as very well documented or researched which is a potentially dangerous thing. Interesting topic. Keep learning.

For example–the whole T or F & N or S… They are treated as if they are very clear binary choices… and I think that’s a bit off. Rather–I think they are all more like basic functions of humans–and that we all have differing levels of strength in them. Now–when you get some people who are most strong in introverted Intuition and extraverted Thinking–then we can group them together as INTJ’s.. and because they share these kinds of abilities–they tend to think alike. However–beyond that–it might be true that the same people have very different abilities with regard to Feeling and Sensing–maybe one INTJ has very low levels of feeling–whereas the other has higher…

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Estj essay

estj essay


estj essayestj essayestj essayestj essay