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EDITOR GIVES TIPS ON WEB WRITING -- http:///features/ Jonathan Dube gives 12 great tips for writing news online at http:///features/. He also outlines the forms and structures of online stories. The 12 headings look old hat, but technical editor Dube has taken the basics of good journalistic (and much other) writing and summarized how their application changes on the Web. The first tip is the most common one we've heard in 16 years of interviewing writers: "Know your readers." Dube tells how online readers differ from print readers and TV viewers. His second tip, "Tailor your news gathering," includes this statement: "Print reporters tend to look for information. TV reporters look for emotion on camera, sound bites and pictures to go with words. Online journalists must constantly think in terms of different elements and how they complement and supplement each other: Look for words to go with images, audio and video to go with words, that will lend itself to interactives, etc." Even if you don't write online news, his tips are valuable. If you write for the Web, study the second piece, which deals with the complexity of telling stories online, at http:///features/.
http:///features// APEX ALERTS APEX News
2018 APEX AWARDS Call for Entries .... Coming Soon!
To be announced by Nov. 1, 2017

Essays that won awards

essays that won awards


essays that won awardsessays that won awardsessays that won awardsessays that won awards