Essay newspaper article

1.  Who wrote the article? Is the author connected in some way to the issue being discussed? Is the newspaper or news organization affiliated with people who want to project a particular point of view (like a company or a political party)? Does the author's political affiliations conflict with the integrity of the story (surely it does). The author will take sides and project the values he/she believes in.

2.  Why did the writer write the article? Is the purpose to inform the public? Is the purpose to ridicule someone or something? Maybe the purpose is to create fear? Or maybe the author wants to create controversy and sell more papers?

3.  How might other people view the article? Are there stereotypes in the article about people of a different gender, race, social class, or religion? Would anyone be offended by what the author wrote about?

These are just a few things to think about. There are always more questions to ask about every topic. Below are links to some news organizations that might have current articles worth analyzing.

CNN (the original cable news network)

Fox News (a recognized conservative cable news outlet)

Yahoo! News (collects news from various sources and presents them together)

The Los Angeles Times (a local mass-market newspaper)

Newspaper Article
Option 1: Newspaper Article
Develop a 700-word newspaper article based on the topic you selected in your OUTLINE assignment. Follow the outline that was created (REVISED OUTLINE)!!!!!!!
Address the following topics in your newspaper article:
Express your opinion on the topic.
Includeat least one contemporary event as an example to illustrate the main points.
Include three references from peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, or other sources from the Online Library Major Article Database to support your opinion.
Include photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate.
Format any references used in the article consistent with APA guidelines.

Essay newspaper article

essay newspaper article


essay newspaper articleessay newspaper articleessay newspaper articleessay newspaper article