Effects of plastic surgery essay

Some countries in the world do not throw plastic bags the right way. Instead of putting in the non-biodegradable can, people tend to throw them in the biodegradable or anywhere on the ground. This is one mistake most people do these days. Even the smallest plastic bag like the cover of candy has to be thrown properly. Others also try to burn them and this is not also helpful as it poses a great threat in the air and soil. I did some of these mistakes before but I have opened my eyes and see the effects of it. Now, I do not want that to happen that’s why I’m sharing this.

We got stainless steel water bottles. The first drink tasted like factory even though we washed them extremely well, but then we put a couple tablespoons of baking soda in and about a cup of water, capped it and shook it well and left the bottle on its side overnight, turning a couple of times. No more metal taste. Agree with the glass or steel, but if steel get stainless otherwise you might leach some unknown metal alloy. We got a few different types of the leading brands (like Kleen Kanteen and Hydro Flask, one for each person in the family).

Effects of plastic surgery essay

effects of plastic surgery essay


effects of plastic surgery essayeffects of plastic surgery essayeffects of plastic surgery essayeffects of plastic surgery essay