Creating a marketing proposal coursework

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I ask the team to first outline their typical buyer’s journey for their product or service.  I then ask them to name the personas involved in the buying decision, and who is involved at each step in the buyer’s journey.  I then ask, for that persona at that step, what are the ways in which they’re likely to interact with the company? If for example, there is a step called Vendor research, do they consult peers, look at web sites, talk to salespeople?  For each of these points of interaction, what marketing materials/events/experiences do they currently have? What are the gaps? Which are successful and which could be better?  This kind of inventory, while it can take some time, can produce some insights and some useful marketing user stories.

Creating a marketing proposal coursework

creating a marketing proposal coursework


creating a marketing proposal courseworkcreating a marketing proposal courseworkcreating a marketing proposal courseworkcreating a marketing proposal coursework