Conservation nature essay

This policy provides guidance to Department staff concerning cooperation and consultation with Indian Nations on issues relating to protection of environmental and cultural resources within New York State. Specifically, this policy (i) formally recognizes that relations between the Department and Indian Nations will be conducted on a government-to-government basis; (ii) identifies the protocols to be followed by Department staff in working with Indian Nations; and (iii) endorses the development of cooperative agreements between the Department and Indian Nations to address environmental and cultural resource issues of mutual concern.

It is important to control the economic activities that are highly inefficient and are threatening the ecological balance on earth. Resources like forests, wildlife must be conserved at a sustainable rate by taking various approaches to save them. We must be far-sighted in our efforts for conservation and management and keep clear objectives and have mechanisms for action to get any real results. Specialized solutions may have to be devised to prevent the loss of species. Only setting aside areas of reserves may not suffice as a solution to conserving bio-diversity.

Conservation nature essay

conservation nature essay


conservation nature essayconservation nature essayconservation nature essayconservation nature essay