Chrysalids uncle axel essay

To add to Adriana's post, Uncle Axel is a worrying man who wants David to be happy. "Wouldn't it be more fun to do your chattering with some of the other kids?" (30) This shows that Uncle Axel worries about David's speaking to "himself," before learning about David's powers. He also makes it clear that Uncle Axel is a very understanding man after David is unable to put words to what it was he was trying to express. "Like trying to forget how to talk, or how to hear, perhaps?" (31) Even though David tells Uncle Axel that he is different, Uncle Axel does not get angry. He tries to help David by saying "You mustn't do anything that would even let anyone guess about it," (30).

David, Petra, and Rosalind continue on their escape. They now believe Sally and Katherine may be already dead. Michael, still in Waknuk, warns David, Rosalind, and Petra that there is a search party following their trail. Petra continues to communicate with the Sealand woman and finds out that everyone in Sealand can communicate telepathically. As they continue to get farther from Waknuk the land around becomes more wild, and David reckons that they have made it to the Fringes. At the end of the chapter, something falls out of the trees and hits David.

Chrysalids uncle axel essay

chrysalids uncle axel essay


chrysalids uncle axel essaychrysalids uncle axel essaychrysalids uncle axel essaychrysalids uncle axel essay