Blood brothers essay examples

"But Jehovah's Witnesses believe that to be transfused . . [may] result in eternal damnation." How Blood Can Save Your Life The Watchtower goes as far as to claim that their law against blood transfusions has been vindicated. The vindication is said to be because blood transfusions pass on disease and that the body rejects it as a foreign organ. This has particularly been stated since the outbreak of AIDS. ( Watchtower Jun 15 1985 ) This is a contradictory position because what it fails to mention is that Witnesses have contracted AIDS from Factor VIII and IX transfusions, an allowed blood component. It also overlooks that a Witness can have an organ transplant even though this also holds dangers of disease and rejection.

Both Eddie and Mickey, now 18 years old, are in love with Linda, who in turn grows up with Mickey and loves him. Their defiant nature leads to their suspension from school. Edward realizes that Linda loves Mickey and makes them realize their love for each other. They spend a night together before Eddie leaves for college. Linda becomes pregnant. Soon they are married and Mickey has to work to sustain his family. He loses his job and meets up with Eddie who offers him money. There is a misunderstanding, and both brothers part in anger. Mickey is now desperate as he had not accepted the money. He agrees to take part in robbery with his brother Sammy.

Blood brothers essay examples

blood brothers essay examples


blood brothers essay examplesblood brothers essay examplesblood brothers essay examplesblood brothers essay examples