Bernanke dissertation

In 2002, following coverage of concerns about deflation in the business news, Bernanke gave a speech about the topic. [60] In that speech, he mentioned that the government in a fiat money system owns the physical means of creating money and to maintain market liquidity . Control of the money supply implies that the government can always avoid deflation by simply issuing more money. He said "The . government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many . dollars as it wishes at no cost." [60]

James’s September, 2015 brain injury wrecked his vision and made him essentially sea sick when doing school work, reading or attempting to do computer coding. It sent his life into a tailspin and turned a mild case of OCD into a life threatening condition.  James fell apart last year, withdrew from school and was under the care of professionals. Time seemed to have healed James, he was happy, reintegrated into school and with his friends, and playing basketball, learning martial arts and all other kinds of boy activities. James took his life for reasons that only God knows.

Bernanke dissertation

bernanke dissertation


bernanke dissertationbernanke dissertationbernanke dissertationbernanke dissertation