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Mitnick, B. M. 1981/1993. Strategic risk reduction and the creation of agents in regulation. Paper presented at the 1981 Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Cincinnati, Ohio. In Proceedings of the Midwest Political Science Association, 1981 . Later version presented at the Fourth Annual Sunbelt Social Networks Conference, Phoenix, AZ, February 17-19, 1984.  Revised version accepted for publication in Academy of Management Review ; acceptance withdrawn by a subsequent editor due solely to the passage of time.  Revision published as Mitnick, Strategic behavior and the creation of agents. In B. M. Mitnick (Ed.), Corporate political agency: The construction of competition in public affairs : 90-124. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications. This paper lays out a typology of reasons for the use of agents, with examples from regulation. After the paper was accepted and while spending a great deal of time reviewing dozens of manuscripts per year on the editorial board of AMR and for other journals, I saw a way to make the typology more systematic. I delayed the paper until I had worked it out to my satisfaction, but the then editor was unwilling to wait for the paper.

Four methodological contributions on Qualitative Comparative Analysis fully published in Quality & Quantity : " Contextual Analyses with QCA-Methods " by Thomas Denk and Sarah Lehtinen; " But not Both: The Exclusive Disjunction in Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) " by Ursula Hackett; " Parameters of Fit and Intermediate Solutions in Multi-Value Qualitative Comparative Analysis " by Alrik Thiem and " Parsimony and Causality " by Michael Baumgartner. Three further QCA articles as advance online publications: " Analyzing Multilevel Data with QCA: Yet Another Straightforward Procedure " by Alrik Thiem; " Analysing Necessity and Sufficiency with Qualitative Comparative Analysis: How do Results Vary as Case Weights Change? " by Barry Cooper and Judith Glaesser; and " Why Simulations are Appropriate for Evaluating Qualitative Comparative Analysis " by Ingo Rohlfing.

Earlier this month, Emily Yoffe’s essay, “The Questions of Race in Campus Sexual Assault Cases,” was published in The Atlantic . She asks, “Is the system biased against men of color?” And although the data to answer this question with certainty is not available, Yoffe provides preliminary data that are certainly suggestive—and she provides a clear direction for further research. For example, Colgate was recently investigated by OCR for potential race discrimination in its sexual assault adjudication process. Although the university was cleared, there are significant disparities in the numbers. In the 2013-14 academic year, percent of Colgate’s students were black, but in that year black male students were accused of 50% of the sexual assault violations reported, and they made up 40% of the students formally adjudicated.

Apsa best dissertation

apsa best dissertation


apsa best dissertationapsa best dissertationapsa best dissertationapsa best dissertation