Alcoholism topics research papers

* Rehabs and treatment facilities. Some of these treatments are influenced by the twelve step program while others use other approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy.
* Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.
* Counseling sessions with therapists who are trained to deal with addiction.
* Outpatient clinics around the country offer sensible drinking education. There are also programs for people trying to escape alcoholism.
* There are a limited number of beds available in hospitals around the country for people who need medical supervision while coming off alcohol.
* There is a growing trend for Irish people to go abroad in search of treatment for their alcoholism. This is due to the availability of rehabs in exotic locations which might be more conducive to recovery. There are also free addiction treatment options available such as Thamkrabok temple in Thailand .

Native Americans have one of the highest rates of fetal alcohol syndrome recorded. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , from 1981 to 1991, the prevalence of FAS in the overall US population per 10,000 births was . Among American Indians, that number was . The significant difference between the FAS rates of the US population and American Indians has been attributed to a lack of healthcare, high poverty levels, and a young average population. [5] Healthcare spending for an average American on Medicare is about $11,762 whereas average spending on healthcare for a Native American is $2,782. [28] In a 2007 document, "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders among Native Americans," the US Department of Health and Human Services reported that the prevalence of fetal alcohol syndrome in Alaska was per 1,000 live births but, among American Indians and Alaska Natives, the rate was . [29]

Alcoholism topics research papers

alcoholism topics research papers


alcoholism topics research papersalcoholism topics research papersalcoholism topics research papersalcoholism topics research papers