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Deryn Dudley, ., Associate , has expertise in collective action and social movement participation, community change initiatives, mental health disparities, and education. She is experienced in using both quantitative and qualitative methods in her research. Deryn has experience evaluating community change and collective impact initiatives. At Community Science, Deryn is a member of the evaluation teams for the Office of Minority Health's Youth Health Equity Model of Practice, SAMHSA's National Resource Center for Mental Health Promotion and Substance Abuse Prevention, and other projects. Prior to joining Community Science, Deryn worked as a Senior Research Analyst in the Research and Evaluation Unit at Special Service for Groups, a California non-profit focused on community engagement by providing capacity building and technical assistance services to community-based organizations, hospitals/clinics, and grantmakers. Deryn has published and presented on her work related to collective action, prosocial behaviors, and student engagement. EMAIL

Ahrq dissertation grant r36

ahrq dissertation grant r36


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